We are your working team

Who is Vintage Logistics?

A perfect combination of experience and forward-thinking, we develop innovative and cost-saving solutions to solve your company's supply chain challenges.

Experienced in managing ground and air logistics needs. Able to apply personalized touch on each shipment. Marrying shipment with supplier invoice copy to have better control and avoid wasted time at the border. Plant planners and supervisors know of our work, they know what they can count on our team to rescue shipments during transit, achieved on time pickups and deliveries.

As a full-spectrum logistics management enterprise, we offer world-class expertise backed by industry-leading technology, inventive processes and a committed team of seasoned professionals.

Statement of Work and Express Delivery Service

ROUTE OPTIMIZATION: A key factor that our company offers to your company is the ability to provide different modes of ground transportation i.e.: Small Package, LTL, LTL guarantee, rescue shipments while in transit, milk runs, consolidation strategic point and hotshots.

The ability to consol shipments at our Indianapolis, IN and truckload material to the border tenders an advantage that no other competition can do by offering a complete repertoire of ground services. Avoid same day multiple pickups, optimized load factor by combining multiple customers freight business.


Vintage per lb. / per state pricing gives each customer an easy user-friendly mathematics system. Good for one year based on first shipment handled date.

FTL, partial truckloads, hotshots, airfreight, etc. rates can be provided by receiving shipments' specifics.

Service Management Details

Our around the clock culture will be applied on each service request. We take ownership of each shipment by delegating and distributing the work load through our assigned staff and supervised by lead logistics coordinator.

In the event of escalating an issue, upper management is always available.

Added Benefits

  • Tangible savings in execution of your shipments.
  • Tracking & Status reports via the internet.
  • Personalized attention and execution team assigned to provide customized service to each of your shipments.
  • Available 24 hours, 365 a year, including holidays.
  • Fully bilingual support staff to assist with all your needs.